MS007 Matt silver metallic AS airless vacuum bottle

  • MS007 Matt silver metallic AS airless vacuum bottle
  • MS007 Matt silver metallic AS airless vacuum bottle
  • MS007 Matt silver metallic AS airless vacuum bottle
  • MS007 Matt silver metallic AS airless vacuum bottle
MS007 Matt silver metallic AS airless vacuum bottle
  • 30-40 days
  • MS007
  • AS
  • 15,30,50,80,100,120,200ml
  • 5000 pcs
  • customized

AS is short for acrylonitrile styrene. Acrylonitrile Styrene - A group of copolymers that have the transparency of polystyrene, and with improved resistance in many factors. It has many evident features such as UV resistant, flame retardant, high strength, ozone resistant, good dimensional stability. As is more and more widly adopted in container field.
On top of the AS airless bottles normally are clear AS plastic covers to help prevent extra discharge of the airless pump bottles when storing or transporting. The AS airless pump bottles have small air intake holes in the bottom, creating a vacuum and pushing the inner plunger upward to dispense inside product with no air contact. Choose these AS airless pump bottles for cosmetic products, such as face creams, serums, and more.

Products parameters

ItemAS Airless Bottles
No. MS007
Content Cap, airless pump, bottle
Color & PrintCustomized 
MOQ 5000 pcs
Packaging Cartons or as per requirements
Lead time 
30-40 days

So, how an airless bottle works.

Aireless pump normally includes a related bottle, and the two componets are designed to be used together. The pump itself includes a plunger in the base. 

The plunger is a small disc made of plastic. When the airless pump actuator is pressed, the product will be pushed toward the dispensing nozzle at the top. When the product inside the plastic bottle is dispensed, air doesn't fill back in, that's the difference with traditional lotion pump.

The dispensing motion creates a vacuum within the pump's space. In response, the plastic plunger moves upward to adjust the change in pressure. So, you'll notice find that there is a small hole in the base of the bottle for air. This hole allows air to fill in the space beneath the plate.

This plunger make that the product inside the bottle remains unexposed to air until being dispensed. This helps to extend the life time of the product and ensures its quality remains the same in every use. Meanwhile, the dip tube can be saved for cosmetics manufacturers.

Why to choose AS Airless Bottles: 

1. less use of antiseptics

Chemical antiseptics are widely adopted in cosmetics industry to prevent products deterioration because of environmental microorganisms (antimicrobials or exposure to oxygen. With the airless pump, the products inside can remains as pure and clean as possible. 

So manufacturers can use as little antiseptics as they can for their products in AS airless bottles, or even use none at all.

2.  Longer life time

No air inside airless bottle, so sensitive and precious natural skin care products are prevnted from air, around 15%-20% life time can be prolonged in airless bottle.  This is an excellent selling point and can amplify the experinece from the products.

3. Protection for sensitive and precious products

Some products are more sensitive to oxygen exposure than others, such as creams, Serums, foundations.

As these natural products are designed to be antiseptics-free, so they need  extra protection, and an airless pump dispenser is a perfect solution.

4. High-leval branding

Ailrss bottle is much more fancier than normal bottles, sleek and high-end so skin care pruducts with airless bottles are in higher level, which can  promote the brand force and market competitiveness. 

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