Creating the perfect package for your product is absolutely essential to marketing your business. Once you have found the plastic tubes, jars or bottles that truly accents and compliments your product, you are well on your way to that perfect package. Without appropriate and artistic labeling, however, you will never sell your creation.

Let Matsa Beauty Packaging help you find and create your perfect package. After selecting the plastic container you want out of our large inventory, allow us to decorate your package. We have a variety of methods for providing your custom decorating, from the widely used silk screen process, to the new heat transfer process.

Take time to familiarize yourself with our decoration processes. In the links below, we describe what each process does and when we would recommend its use.

Silk Screen printing

Silk Screen printing is the most common and widely used form of decoration in the industry. Please read our silk screen process page for more information on how the screening actually happens.

Silk screening is very effective for one and two color designs. We can print 3 color designs, but such prints become very difficult and more expensive. Also, the loss or scrap factor increases significantly. If you are interested in multiple colors, consider a label (for larger quantities) or a heat transfer process.

Hot stamping

Hot stamping is the technique of applying a specific colored foil to the surface through the use of heat, pressure and dies. This is the most popular and elegant method to achieve a 'shiny' metallic print on bottles, jars and closures. Foil is usually gold or silver but other colors are variable.

Hot stamping can be rolled onto a container, as in the application of 360° bands or a straight stamp.


Custom labels are perhaps as common a form of decoration as silk screening. We have a local label supplier that can print and supply your labels. We have the capabilities of applying your label here in our print shop, or, if you are cost-conscious, you may apply your own labels.

Labeling is recommended if you are interested in a multiple color design. Silk screening is very effective for one and two color designs. Beyond that, silk screening becomes very difficult and expensive. If you are looking at multiple colors, definitely contact us for a quote for labels.

For large quantities of decorated containers, consider the heat transfer process!

Offset Printing

This method of printing utilizes printing plates rather than silk screens to transfer the ink to the containers. Offset printing is more exact than silk screening, and is practical for multiple color labeling. Offset printing is utilized primarily on round containers. Because plates are engraved for each color rather than making screens, offset is more expensive than silk screening. The process involves transferring ink from a printing plate to a rubber blanket and subsequently to the sheet (surface to be decorated).

Heat transfer printing

The heat transfer printing method uses heat and pressure to transfer an image or design from a piece of transfer paper to the desired object. Many objects can be printed on using this method, including bottles, jars, T-shirts, cups, mouse pads, memo pads, wood and ceramic plates and tiles.

Heat transfer printing is clean and environmentally safe, which makes it appealing in today's health and safety conscience work environments. There are no suspect liquid by-products. The only by product is paper. Heat Transfer printing is the primary element in apparel manufacturing operations utilizing the increasingly popular agile manufacturing. It is the perfect medium for the demands of today's marketplace - short run and sample production.

UV coating

Beauty customer doesn't stop to wonder how that pretty pearlized finish was created on her perfume box, or what it is that gives her favorite bottle of shampoo that frosty look, or her mascara wand that high gloss shine. But those finishes and effects can make the sale, and in each instance and many more, it's a UV coating and/or ink that is imparting a special finish as well as a protective layer against scuffs and scratches.

In the cosmetics, fragrance and personal care categories, where packaging is as much about fashion as function, products must standout on retail shelves and UV coatings play a significant role in creating the look that does just that.

UV coatings also have a role in finishing the actual container for many beauty products. Mascara containers, lipstick tubes and compacts as well as bottles and jars, are all sometimes finished with a UV coating. Overall UV coatings play an important role in protecting the parts we mold so that they look better, feel better and maintain structural integrity. Many of the plastic materials used in molding cosmetic components are susceptible to scratching, abrasion and product compatibility issues, so by treating these parts with UV coatings the packages become more adept at surviving the rigors of day-to-day use without showing it.

UV coatings are also important for protecting metallized plastic parts. Metallized parts have a lacquer coating that is susceptible to chemicals that can eat away at the finish. So here we overspray the metallized parts with a UV coating, making them more resistent to chemical abrasion, as well as scratching.

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