30000 pcs acrylic airless cosmetic cream jars for USA were finished production by Matsa packaging

Today, our another order of 30000 pcs was sent out to the Port, next week will be leaving Ningbo Port for USA. This order adopt 30ml and 50ml acrylic airless jars, which are the newly aodpted packaging from our customer. Totally there are 4 kinds of SKUs for different kinds of cream. 

acrylic airless jars

Recent years, more and more cosmetic companies choose to use airless packaging not only because of the fancy and mysterious look, but also becasue the better protection to inside serum or essence oil.

Main bottles and pumps were separately packed, to save the time for putting cosmetic products in. Totally 336 boxed for 30000 pcs jars.

cream jars

jars for USA

Next month, the packaging will be ready to sell in full cosmetics, let's wish the new packaging cosmetic products will be successful.

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